Capability Maturity Model Integration


CMMI Institute Partner

The CMMI version 2.0 model is a set of global best practices that allows an organization to create and benchmark the key aspects of its business performance. CMMI originated as a tool for the Department of Defense for use with software contractors. Today it can be used by any organization to drive business performance through benchmarking key capabilities. The concept of a maturity model allows the organization to mature at a reasonable pace and be rewarded through high levels of benchmarking appraisals.

Radian recognizes that some organizations prefer CMMI over ISO,  CMMI or ISO. As a partner of the CMMI Institute, Radian has created a strategic program to integrate the CMMI maturity model with either ISO 9001 for Quality or ISO 20000 for Service Management. We have developed a strategic partnership witha CMMI partner that provides its deep knowledge of CMMI and capabilities for appraisal services and training.

The combined approach includes:

  • Supporting existing process and performance improvement initiatives that may be underway.
  • Leveraging industry frameworks, methods and standards both familiar and important to our clients.
  • Capitalizing on our team’s expert knowledge and years of experience.
  • Minimizing disruption to ongoing operations.

The service types supported are for both the Development and Services model under the new 2.0 framework and include:

Evaluation Appraisal

An Evaluation Appraisal provides an analysis of the current state of an organization’s processes against the targeted CMMI maturity level and CMMI Version 2.0. The Evaluation Appraisal is typically performed at or prior to the two-year mark after a group has achieved an official maturity level rating. The intent is to help ensure that the group will be well-prepared for its next Benchmark Appraisal. Maturity level ratings have a three-year lifespan before requiring a re-appraisal.

Readiness Review

At least one Readiness Review is required prior to each Benchmark Appraisal. The purpose of the Readiness Review is to help ensure the group is ready to proceed with the planned Benchmark Appraisal. During the Readiness Review, our team will examine the client’s evidence required to meet the CMMI requirements for the targeted maturity level. A general overview and preparation of team requirements will be included within the Readiness Review to help ensure team members are aware of their roles and requirements for assessment.

Benchmark Appraisal

This is an appraisal of the current state of your processes for achievement against the targeted CMMI maturity level rating. Benchmark Appraisals are submitted to the CMMI Institute for review and approval. A Benchmark Appraisal is required to achieve an official maturity level rating.

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is a lean-management method for analyzing the current state and designing a future state for the sequence of activities an organization undertakes to deliver on a customer request.  It is a collaborative and visual workshop that provides a holistic view of how work flows through entire systems, resulting in a shared understanding of challenges, opportunities and metrics which may be used to prioritize, plan and track improvements. The outputs include a high-level map that can be used for understanding, training and improving how work flows through the systems.

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