Scope and Assessment

Critical to ensuring an organization creates a management system that is relevant, sustainable and effective requires taking the time to identify the proper scope for certification and then perform an assessment of the current state to that of the chosen standard.

The scope and assessment service is a multi-step engagement that focuses on education and data analysis. Radian works with client’s leadership and process owners to identify the proper scope of ISO certification. Identification of the human, technical, information and financial resources that will be supported under the certification is critical to identify prior to completing the assessment. Radian will then access the current state of those scoped elements specifically to the requirements of the standard. Based on the identified gaps, an implementation plan will be created.

Our scope and assessment service includes:

  • Pre-working (working with the client for scheduling, preparation of training, and assessment materials).
  • On-site scope and assessment event (scoping, training and requirements evaluation).
  • Post-working (evaluation of finding and preparation of executive summary).

Once the assessment outcomes are provided to the client, informed decisions can be made on prioritizing the effort to close the gaps and build the ISO management system that meets both the business needs and is compliant to the standard.


  • You don’t know what you don’t know. Our clients will tell you that this activity was by far the most beneficial in the entire readiness process. Clients are clear on what processes are being certified and who needs to be engaged, as well as the expectation of effort.
  • We often hear on our first call with a potential client that a mature organization is in place, process is set, and documentation exists. While exciting to hear, we find in many cases that these attributes are not consistently executed, or multiple versions of documents may exist. The assessment will attempt to identify the usability of existing collateral and test the consistency of execution in a process.
  • Performing the scope and assessment event has given our clients the knowledge necessary to properly manage the implementation phase to be more efficient and reduce both internal and external costs.

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