While maintaining compliance is a necessity, organizations today are looking to maximize their use of resources and reduce costs. Partnering with Radian Compliance to support ongoing compliance provides you with proficient and seasoned resources to assist with required compliance activities.

More now than ever, customers are mandating that in order to do business with them, an organization must meet and maintain a specific level of compliance to known standards, regulations, legislation, etc. Without ongoing oversight, it is increasingly more difficult for both the customer and supplier to ensure that compliance continues to be met.

Radian Compliance continually follows new mandates and initiatives within the areas of:

  • Supplier management
  • Privacy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Protected health information
  • Employment
  • OSHA

We have vast experience with clients in Energy, Advertising, Marketing, Federal Contracting, Technology and Health IT to name a few.

We are able to lend our expertise to both industry and the supply chain to assist in becoming compliant or helping to ensure the supply chain remains complaint.

With our deep knowledge of Information Security, Cybersecurity, IT Service Management, Quality Management, Business Continuity, Private Security, Physical Security and evolving CMMC requirements, the Radian team can provide the following services:

Consulting. Do you receive multiple security questionnaires that require several hours to complete? Did you receive a letter from a client or another entity stating you must comply with a new or updated mandate? Are you unable to find the depth of answers to questions posed on the internet? The team of experts at Radian Compliance is always eager to share its extensive knowledge, whether you simply need a briefing of details or in-depth access to one of our subject matter experts. Contact us to identify the best solution to meet your needs.

Internal Audit. Radian can be your 2nd party compliance audit team to create a program and audit your organization, suppliers, integrators and partners as needed.  Take advantage of Radian’s extensive experience and qualification in compliance internal audits.  We are lifelong learners and participate in multiple industry associations to ensure we are focused on potential and related issues. We remain committed to areas in which we excel. We have adapted our methodology to support audit requirements of specific compliance other than ISO.

Business Continuity Table Top Exercises. Whether you have an ISO requirement to maintain and test a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or just have a corporate requirement to do so, Radian Compliance has extensive Business Continuity Management expertise and supports multiple industries with Table Top Exercises.  Our service will identify current trends, local risks and input from the organization to test the BCP and emergency response  against a timed scenario. The output would be a summary of the event with outcomes and concerns.  An organization can use this information to improve and continue to educate.

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