IT Service Management System

(ISO 20000)

All organizations deliver some level of service, whether to the internal organization and/or to the customer. Supporting those services in a structured, repeatable fashion can enhance the end user experience. Implementation of an SMS should be considered a strategic initiative to oversee the support and delivery of defined services as well as capitalize on the use of technologies to manage the end to end lifecycle of a service and its related components. While the standard has IT in it, many additional non-technical services can and should be included within the catalog of services.

The SMS requirements not only support a help-desk environment, but also place an emphasis on the governance of all elements that go into delivery a stated service. There is excellent guidance and relevant requirements to support Supplier Management, Change Management, Capacity Management, etc. This standard integrates very well into a Quality Management System (QMS) and Information Security Management System (ISMS), as there are components of both those standards within this one.

Why implement and certify to an IT Service Management System (SMS)?

  • Obtain required certification to Service Management (not simply your staff receiving ITIL training).
  • Require formal processes to support Change Management of key configuration items such as IT assets, technical infrastructure, security controls, facilities and people.
  • Develop a structure lifecycle to manage and close service requests, incidents and problems.
  • Apply governance to third party support and hosted services.
  • Build a system to continually monitor underlying infrastructure and provide assurance to customers and stakeholders of the organization’s resilience.

We often refer to ISO 20000 as “ITIL in a box.” ITIL has been successful in large enterprise organizations, but it requires large teams and a significant budget to develop a complete lifecycle of Service Management benefits. ISO 20000, however, is an ISO management system that utilizes the best of the ITIL framework with reasonable, identifiable and improvable processes to support a growing internal or external services organization. If you have invested in the personal training under ITIL, you have made great strides to assist your organization in meeting certification requirements for an SMS. For many organizations, it is not an OR decision, but an alignment of the best practices of Service Management.

Radian’s 100% Successful Methodology

Certification Support

Radian’s 100% successful methodology helps ensure an organization meets the requirements of the standard and those of its business. These steps include:

Ongoing Compliance

Ongoing compliance requires monitoring and continual improvement to the certified ISO Management System. Radian supports 98% of our clients with additional services, including:

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