As lifelong learners, Radian creates and supports industry-specific training to increase not only our own knowledge, but to support our clients’ requests for ongoing education. We provide our educational programs both as public offerings and as onsite training to your organization. We can tailor our sessions to your specific requirements. Our core educational offerings include:

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Standards Training

Standards Day

Our Standards Day Training is an all-day session which provides an overview of ISO and specific implementation guidance for any three of the following standards: ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 20000, ISO 9001, ISO 22301, ISO 14001, and ISO 18788.

Standards Workshops

This 3-hour session is focused on one standard. It provides an understanding of ISO requirements and the certification process. The instructor leads the attendees through each clause and provides interpretation and implementation guidance.

Internal Audit Training

Audit of an organization’s management system is both critical to success and required of the standard(s) for which the organization is certified. External audits are provided by a 3rd party registrar. Internal audits may be outsourced to an experienced internal auditor or provided by the organization’s own internal resources. Of course, there is a standard for auditing – ISO 19011. Radian provides a training course based on ISO 19011, but uses the organization’s own management system for audit focus and guidance.

Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention Training

To supplement our Workplace Violence and Intervention program development, Radian offers a core set of our training on these sensitive topics. These sessions can be a half- or full- day and will include relevant review of current activities, including news headlines and potential threats to your business and surrounding community.

Workplace Violence Training

OSHA identifies workplace violence as a workplace hazard.  By law, organizations with more than 50 employees are required to have a Workplace Violence Program and associated training. This session meets the requirements for training per OSHA guidelines, but is also tailored to your business, your past history and potential threats. This training focuses on prevention, responding to and recovering from incidents of Workplace Violence.

Active Assailant (Shooter) Training

All organizations must face the reality for the potential act of violence involving staff.  With our virtual work environment, the danger is not limited to our physical work space.  This training will help all employees look for danger signs in people we know (at work or otherwise) and what to do personally if they are involved in an unfortunate event.

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