Value Added Services

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While maintaining compliance is a necessity, organizations today are looking to maximize their use of resources and reduce costs. Partnering with Radian Compliance to support ongoing compliance provides you with proficient and seasoned resources to assist with required compliance activities.
More now than ever, customers are mandating that their suppliers must meet and maintain a specific level of compliance with known standards, regulations, legislation, etc. Without ongoing oversight, it is increasingly more difficult for both customers and suppliers to ensure that compliance continues to be met.

Radian Compliance continually follows new mandates and initiatives within the areas of:
Supplier management
Protected health information
Government Contracting

We have vast experience with clients in energy, advertising, marketing, federal contracting, technology, manufacturing, and health IT, to name a few.

We are able to lend our expertise to both industries and the supply chain, to assist in becoming compliant or to help ensure the supply chain remains compliant.

Business Continuity Table Top Exercises

Whether you have an ISO requirement to maintain and test a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or a corporate requirement to do so, Radian Compliance has extensive business continuity management expertise and supports multiple industries with table top exercises. Our service will identify current trends, local risks and input from the organization to test the BCP and emergency response against a timed scenario. The output would be a summary of the event with outcomes and recommendations. An organization can use this information to improve and continue to educate its teams.

Data Protection/Privacy Impact Analysis (DPIA)

Every organization, whether large or small, has some level of obligation to protect employee and/or customer data. Our privacy experts will work with your key stakeholders to identify how the organization receives, uses and stores information requiring protection. Whether requirements are of GDPR or any of the multiple U.S. states requiring some level of privacy protection, this assessment will give an organization the knowledge to move forward to enhance or create its privacy posture.

Cloud Services – Shared Responsibilities and Cybersecurity

On-Prem, In the Cloud, Hybrid, SAAS, Hosted. These terms all mean that an organization has some reliance on a 3rd party to help manage its processes and/or store data. In any scenario, the organization is REQUIRED to know how the 3rd party uses and stores its data. If your organization is certified to any risk-based ISO management system, or you have compliance requirements for information security and/or privacy, it is your responsibility to ensure the 3rd party service meets or exceeds your requirements. Understanding shared responsibilities is critical. Our subject matter experts guide you through a review of existing contracts, creating a supplier compliance matrix and reviewing cybersecurity tools to access the level of risk with pass-through data, as well as provide their knowledge of best practices.

Virtual ISO Manager (ISMS, PIMS, QMS, EMS, SMS, BCMS)

All ISO management systems require leadership to assign roles and responsibilities to ensure ongoing sustainability and continual improvement of the scope of certification. In many cases, these requirements are added to an existing corporate role. At some point, the effort may be too much, the person changes positions or leaves the organization, or the organization adds more ISO management systems. Clients have given this role a variety of titles (QMS Manager, Information Security Officer, Service Manager, etc.). Whatever the title, the activities are essential for timely, ongoing maintenance; communication; and review of the ISO management system. When an internal resource cannot be dedicated, we offer a retainer service to perform the ongoing quality/compliance management tasks required by your ISO management system and your organization. Radian will assign to you a dedicated, experienced team member who will act as an outsourced extension of your management system. This individual will work both virtually and onsite to perform daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to help ensure ongoing compliance of your management system(s).


Radian Compliance has a vast library of customizable training programs for all of the ISO programs we support. Additionally, we are recognized as an ASIS-preferred CPE provider, and many of our full-day training programs qualify for CPE credits. All of the training can be tailored and provided directly to your team. See our Education site for public courses and webinars being offered.

To find out more about our value-added services or to talk directly to us, please email [email protected]
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