Internal Audit

Radian provides internal audit services to support multiple compliance frameworks and supply chain needs. Our team of auditors is well-qualified through education, professional credentials, and ongoing work experience.

Radian provides 2nd party internal audit to support your organization, suppliers, integrators, and partners as needed. These include:
ISO management system internal audits
SOC readiness
Supplier compliance audits
Integrator and partner compliance audits
Information Security technical control audits

Radian is recognized by multiple registrars as an associate consulting partner.

Internal Audit

ISO management systems have several stated requirements which generally are new to an organization’s regular mode of operations. One of the key requirements is for an internal audit of the ISO management system against the scope of certification. If an organization is already subjected to audits for other regulatory or compliance requirements, they understand the benefit and impact of internal review. ISO audits, however, are performed based on a sampling method and under the guidance of ISO 19011 for auditing. Some standards provide additional guidance documents for audit. The internal audit program created for the ISO management system must have, at a minimum, the elements required under clause 9.2 of the standard. Organizations can train and utilize internal resources, or hire outside internal auditors. For the latter, consider Radian Compliance as your preferred provider.

2nd Party Compliance Audit

With or without ISO, most organizations are required to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and/or contractual obligations. The internal audit team at Radian has an extensive background in more than ISO, and can provide an internal audit for compliance with many other frameworks including:
Technical security audits
Specific partner requirement

Audit Methodology

Our certified, experienced auditors follow a strict process that includes:

Audit Event. We work in conjunction with the organization’s audit manager to prepare an audit plan to help ensure all elements are agreed upon and the audit scope is defined.

Audit Plan. (Onsite, Virtual, or Hybrid) Based on the audit schedule, the internal auditor will perform the audit using interviews, a review of documented information, and observation of activities.

Audit Report. We prepare and deliver the report within a stated Service Level Agreement (SLA).


  • An Internal Audit may be a requirement to achieve or maintain compliance or certification. Using Radian to support this function helps ensure your organization is working with an experienced auditor who brings best practices and guidance, along with a detailed audit to requirements.

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