Physical Security Services

As the threats to our organizations, staff and community rise, we must consider focused reviews of our overall risk based programs. At Radian, we believe in the value of the standards we support. We also know that our clients may need specialized services to augment the implemented controls and further reduce the risks they have identified. The Physical Security team at Radian Compliance has extensive background in law, security operations and risk management. The following services can be added to an ISO implementation or post certification request.


Based on the organization’s needs, including legal, regulatory and contractual requirements, our security team will perform an audit against current policy and procedures. We will review at a minimum the following:

  • Threat response
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Access controls
  • Crisis communications
  • Emergency exits
  • Evacuation routes
  • Safe zones

The outcome of the audit will be an evaluation of effectiveness and sustainability of the policy and procedures. If applicable, these can map into existing ISO controls. Otherwise, we provide recommendations for additional resources to strengthen existing policies and procedures to meet  the organization’s intent for the policy or procedure.


The physical security risks faced by organizations of all sizes require immediate attention. They are no longer is someone else’s problem. Whether the facility is owned or the office space rented, organizations have an obligation to ensure due diligence in doing everything possible to keep their employees safe and their properties secure. The Radian security team will perform a physical security risk/vulnerability assessment that considers:

  • Identification of potential threats.
  • Access control methods and monitoring.
  • Physical layout assessment.
  • Visitor procedures.

An assessment report will be prepared that identifies risks/vulnerabilities against the business environment along with appropriate legal, regulatory and contractual requirements. Our team will make recommendations for reducing those risks/vulnerabilities.


We all rely heavily on technology for risk mitigation. We use technology to restrict access, monitor activity and provide real time communications to ensure our workplace is safe. The Radian security team will perform an assessment of the organization’s physical security technology  and, where appropriate, by its 3rd party service organizations. This assessment is focused on the technology that supports the hardware for:

  • Access: locks, cameras, etc.
  • Notifications: alarms, communications systems, etc.
  • Safety: lights, etc.
  • Infrastructure: servers, routers, firewalls, etc.

A report will be prepared that defines any risks/vulnerabilities for the maintenance, monitoring and relevance of the technology deployed.

AND INtervention PROGRAM

The goal of this program is to better prepare employees to prevent, respond to, and recover from incidents of workplace violence (WPV). These events can be triggered at any time and range, from verbal assaults to active shooter incidents. Participants will be provided with tools to allow them to be more effective in recognizing signs and indicators of potentially problematic situations, and to respond accordingly. In addition, their response options for actual situations will be discussed, which will better prepare them should a violent incident occur.

Workplace Violence Training

OSHA identifies workplace violence as a workplace hazard and organizations must provide a place of employment that is free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious physical harm. This session meets the requirements for training per OSHA guidelines, but is also tailored to your business, your past history and potential threats.  This training focuses on prevention, responding to and recovering from incidents of Workplace Violence (WPV) which includes acts of physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening disruptive behaviors including assault, battery and bullying.

Active Assailant (Shooter) Training

All organizations must face the reality for the potential act of violence involving staff. With our virtual work environment, the danger is not contained to our physical work space. This training will help all employees look for danger signs in people we know (at work or otherwise) and what to do personally if you are involved in an unfortunate event.


If you have an existing emergency management team, we can assist in recommendations for resources and activities to ensure scenarios are identified and trained against. If you currently have no active program, the Radian security team will provide an outline for creating a program that engages first responders and key stakeholders. Our program development includes templates and augmenting existing business continuity plans.

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