Quality Management System

(ISO 9001)

Quality is a goal of every business. We want quality people to support our customers, quality processes to ensure we fulfill our customer requirements, quality products and services to justify why we are even in business. The ability to meet quality objectives requires structure at all levels of the product or service delivery cycles. Customers more now than ever, are requesting or requiring companies to ensure a quality management system exists. The best way to ensure the effort to create a QMS is sustainable, is to certify to ISO 9001. This standard helps organizations be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.

Why implement and certify to a Quality Management System (QMS)?

  • Ensure quality deliverables to meet customer expectations and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Develop operational efficiency in core business operations to ensure consistent and repeatable processes.
  • Identify and address risks at all levels of the business.
  • Create relevant key performance indicators in core processes to meet overall quality objectives.

ISO 9001 is focused on a standardization of service processes that affects a customer. This can be internal to the organization and/or focused on customer deliverables. In most cases, it is a combination of both. Radian clients have implemented their QMS to include process lifecycles for HR, contracts, project management, finance and business development. Implementation of a QMS for services is just as common as for product. Core to any QMS is identification of those supporting processes such as IT infrastructure, supplier management, governance of outsourced processes and change management.

ISO 9001 affords an organization the ability to manage the interaction of information and risk across all departments. Similar to other risk-based standards, a QMS system is continually seeking ways to improve an outcome. ISO 9001 integrates wonderfully into other management system standards as its focus is on the operations of the organization where ISO 27001 protects information and ISO 20000 ensures the service delivery aspects. There are many ways to integrate these and other standards in a cohesive way to get the most of out the structured frameworks.

The Radian Compliance team of experts can help your organization ready for certification and assist with integrating one or more additional standards as your business grows.

Radian’s 100% Successful Methodology

Certification Support

Radian’s 100% successful methodology helps ensure an organization meets the requirements of the standard and those of its business. These steps include:

Ongoing Compliance

Ongoing compliance requires monitoring and continual improvement to the certified ISO Management System. Radian supports 98% of our clients with additional services, including:

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