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Whether the organization has been around for 50 years or five months, the implementation of an ISO management system will impact the business and those who support it. Radian makes this statement to ensure the leadership of the organization understands and accounts for more than writing a few documents and checking the boxes. Creating an ISO management system requires the organization to make some key decisions prior to seeking certification. First and foremost is defining specific roles and responsibilities, not only to support the implementation, but ownership of processes – both existing and new. Every standard supported by Radian requires leadership commitment to ensure resources (human, technical, information and financial) as well as active engagement. Improvement to or creation of a risk management program is the cornerstone of a successful implementation. Risks are identified within the business, processes, staff, suppliers, customers and interested parties. Actions need to be taken to reduce the identified risks. While these are key elements, there are many more.

Implementation of an ISO management system requires an understanding of the requirements of the standard, and guidance on interpretation as to how to best implement a requirement to meet your business needs. Radian consultants possess expertise in the standards we support, and are experienced business professionals as well.  This winning background provides an organization with a relevant and efficient model of support to remediate the gaps, and allows the Radian team to execute the following services:
Facilitated sessions on core topics. We spend an agreed amount of time (both onsite and onscreen) with our clients reviewing a specific requirement, the expected outputs, and the necessary decisions (e.g., risk workshop).
Templates for common work products. Many standards have required documentation expectations. Radian has created core templates that allow you to tailor to your own requirements and details. This saves both time and money in “re-inventing” required elements.
Review of client documentation. Whether it is a completed tailored template or proprietary documentation, the Radian consultant will review and provide edits to help ensure you meet the requirements of the standard(s).
General subject matter expertise. Throughout the implementation phase, our consultants provide client support with best practices, subject matter expertise, and resources for additional knowledge.


Organizations that are new to implementing an ISO management system may not be aware of the organizational impact an implementation may have. The ISO requirements focus on leadership, operational processes, and risk management.
Our consultants assist in the culture shift of the organization by integrating the interrelated components of a management system into the current business structure.
The client is then able to leverage the power and value of standardization and consistency that an ISO management system brings to the organization.

Information Security Consulting

Do you receive multiple security questionnaires that require several hours to complete? Did you receive a letter from a client or another entity stating you must comply with a new or updated mandate? Are you unable to find the depth of answers to questions posed on the internet? The team of experts at Radian Compliance is always eager to share its extensive knowledge, whether you simply need a briefing on details or in-depth access to one of our subject matter experts. Contact us to identify the best solution to meet your needs.

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