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Without ongoing oversight, it is increasingly more difficult for an organization to ensure ongoing compliance to contractual or regulatory requirements. The effort to become compliant took extensive time and money. The effort requires continual improvement and ongoing management and review.

We provide a managed service model to support multiple opportunities to support an organizations ongoing compliance requirements.

Retained Services of an ISO Manager

All ISO management systems require leadership to assign roles and responsibilities to ensure the ongoing sustainability and continual improvement for the scope of certification. In many cases, these requirements are added to an existing corporate role. At some point, the effort may be too much, the person changes positions or leaves the organization, or the organization adds more ISO management systems. Clients have given this role a variety of titles (QMS Manager, Information Security Officer, Service Manager, etc.). Whatever the title, the activities are essential for timely, ongoing maintenance; communication; and review of the ISO management system. When an internal resource cannot be dedicated, we offer a retainer service to perform the ongoing quality/compliance management tasks required by your ISO management system and your organization. Radian will assign to you a dedicated, experienced team member who will act as an outsourced extension of your management system. This individual will work both virtually and onsite to perform daily, weekly and monthly tasks to help ensure ongoing compliance of your management system(s).

Retained Services of Compliance Manager

Beyond ISO, the requirement for an organization to maintain the compliance requirements to Information Security, Documentation, Training, Audit and Communication can take a variety of skill sets that may or may not be present within the current staffing. The Radian team can come together to provide these skills on a retained basis. Whether one or more resources, we will work both virtually and onsite to perform daily, weekly and monthly tasks to help ensure ongoing compliance.


  • Experienced ISO professionals with a deep understanding and working knowledge of the current rules.
  • New requirements to implement the ISO management system are identified and continue to be completed.
  • Ongoing education of how the ISO management system works for the organization’s benefit and not against it.

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